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Peter Roach and Tim Murtha, the partners of Roach & Murtha, P.C., have more than 50 years of combined experience collecting debt throughout New York State. All collection matters are accepted on a contingency basis, thus minimizing the risk to the client of “throwing good money after bad”.

Our firm is based in Nassau County, Long Island and our practice is limited to the enforcement of creditors' rights throughout New York State. The firm is engaged solely in collecting debt and is experienced collecting all types of debt, including judgment enforcement, commercial debts, accounts receivable, promissory notes, subrogation and consumer debts including medical and credit cards.

While our experienced New York debt collectors will call debtors to negotiate settlements and our technology allows us to automatically send letters to them, our staff attorneys will guide the matter through the litigation process until judgment is obtained. Once judgment is entered, we utilize our technology to locate and restrain the assets of the Judgment Debtor. Our proprietary, state-of-the-art software electronically communicates with the largest New York banks to locate the Judgment Debtor's bank accounts, enabling restraining notices to be forwarded to those banks which, in turn, “freeze" the account so that the funds deposited may be seized.

The firm also subscribes to numerous databases, serves information subpoenas and utilizes various other techniques to obtain employment information regarding the Judgment Debtor so that income executions may be levied on the Judgment Debtor’s employer and the Judgment Debtor’s wages may be garnished.

Our state-of-the-art debt collection software enables the firm to receive cases electronically, if desired, and to facilitate the speedy exchange of information with its clients. We provide up-to-the-minute status throughout the collection process, and our technology allows our high-volume clients to access updates on their matters through a secure login, in real time. Our technology also allows payments to be obtained by telephone or online via the firm's website.

We are large enough to be effective, yet small enough to provide the personal attention you deserve

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